Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! It's done.

I got it all done before the end of the year!  Added a 6 foot table where the cutting table.  Now these two tables contain everything that was currently on one table.  No wonder I always got buried!  Don't know if I'm going to leave the 2 footer there or not.
 Moved the cutting table to the east of the main table.  Added the little white drawers that were formerly in the closet holding a bunch of burned out pens.  Now they hold my adhesives, some tools and bling that used to be laying around on the table, or  in an open box.  There are actually two drawers of adhesives, including tape runners, glue dots, pop dots, dimensional glue dots, sheet adhesives, vellum tape and glue sticks.  Who would have ever thought there were so many ways to adhere paper to a surface.
 This is the embossing table.  Full jars sit on the shelf, but I now use the plastic food storage to put them in and it is so much easier.  Just keep a plastic spoon in each one and I can apply it to  the image and the extra all goes back in to the container, and no clean up   Love it.
 The magazine racks contain Neennah paper in one.  You can't use Copics on just any paper because it will bleed out of the design.  The other rack has scratch paper that I salvage from the office.  When I do deposits there is always a large piece of the copy paper left, so I put it in here and use it for testing stamps, colors or pick up over spray I use the Copic airgun.  I love my racks for the copics.  I had them in a purchased holder but they sat upright and I had to have two containers because there are two different style pens;  They sell racks like these online but they are $17 each.  I made these from the bottom of a used priority mail box.  Covered it with pattern paper and added cardboard shelves.  Now I have them seperated in to color families and when I'm done I can just pop them back in and don't have to look for the little hole that they fit in to.  The acrylic box holds my acrylic blocks for stamping with acrylic stamps.  Lots of acrylic, hey?  lol. 
 This is my new love, the Vagabond designed by Tim Holtz and produced by Sizzix.  My long loved Cuttle bug and Cricket are behind.  I may or may not get rid of the cuttlebug, as the Vagabond does everything and more than it. 
 All my cutting dies and embossing envelopes at hand.
I'm so delighted with my little space and looking forward to hours spent in there creating this year.

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Anonymous said...

what a great room to work in. I wish to come and play with you!