Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Beginning

I want to start working on some new projects, something other than cards.  Though I will never give up cards completely.  But before I can even think creatively I have to re organize and re design my art room.  This is my workspace.  Actually, it was cleaned up some before I took the picture.  I usually only have about a 12" space to work on. 

 This is my die cutting table.  Not too bad, but still pretty crowded.
This disaster is my heat embossing table.  Unfortuantely it has collected a few other things too.

So, we went to Walmart tonight and picked up another 6' table, and put it where the die cut table is, and moved the die cut table to the right of the table here..

There is a file cabinet and an iris cart here that I moved under the tables.  Then I shifted a lot of the stuff around and while I'm not done yet, hopefully tomorrow I will be and I'll post an update.  I made some good progress tonight.

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