Thursday, October 4, 2007

Change in my Blog

So, now I have a myctmh site, so I won't be posting as much artwork here. I guess I really wasn't suppose to be doing that anyway. I didn't know it when I began posting here, but some things came up with the corporation and they asked the consultants to use the myctmh site to promote their business instead of blogs. So, I will comply with the R&R's and be an obedient consultant. Actually, I'm really good to have a myctmh site, and I am working on getting it updated and ready to go, so if you go there, please know that it is still under construction. The address is , or at least I think that is right.

So, now that we are moving on.... I am on a Weight Watchers journey again. Six weeks and 12 pounds so far. Hoping for 20 pounds before we go to Florida. Funny thing is, twelve pounds and you don't even see it. But, I still feel good about it, it's a beginning.

God is so good and as always has everything in His control. I scheduled our trip for when Dave was off work, which was suppose to be the October 31st. Then I had to calculate in rent collection week, as I have to be here for that. That brought us up to November 10th. I have been thinking that the last week was going to be really hard with him being off work, not really able to look for anything else, not able to apply for unemployment, because he would be unavailable for that week because of being out of town. He found out this week that he has a one week extension! So that will bring us up to November 7th, and we'll only have three days to wait until we leave.