Saturday, December 8, 2007

So, we move on....

It's been two months since I posted last, so figured I better get moving on now. Had a wonderful trip to Florida.... and yes I lost my 20 pounds before going, and then had to work for a couple a weeks to get to it again. But it was a wonderful trip and I will post some pics and stories of it later. For now I will start at today. Didn't feel like staying around here today so we were going to find a celebration in Mill Creek where they were trucking in some snow and there was suppose to be a street fair and all... well, we couldn't find it. So we came home checked out something else and headed for Tacoma for the Zoo Lights. It was very cold but it was nice. Okay, so one picture got posted twice... this was all we were able to get clearly. Dave tried to use the night option and they all came out blurry.

So we left there and decided it was too early to go home and decided to stop at the Bellevue Botanical Garden for their Garden d' Lights. We went there a couple years ago and it was just as beautiful as before. My favorite again this year is the "pond" with the giant water lily and swan. I love how the pictures show the ferns in the front, it almost makes the other seem real. I also really liked the blue daisies, they are new this year.