Monday, January 24, 2011

Call Me

I actually had two little girls that I was working on, but this is the first to be completed.  They are Hero Arts stamps that I got this weekend at Ben Franklin's.  It took several tries, as I'm still working on my copic techniques. 
I've taken two copic classes.  The first one was a total bust, the second one was better, but she asked me if I actually learned anything because I was pretty up on the basics.  I have been watching lots of video's and mostly follow Suzanne Dean's style, but for the black hair I found another instructor and I like this technique better.  It is difficult to do black because it covers up all lines and bleeds very easily if it is worked too much.  When I was coloring her I was actually matching it to a different paper, and that is why she has green paper pieced pockets.  They are checked and I knew I couldn 't copy that.  There is lots of glitz on the papers so I gave her some too on her lace slip, at the neckline and on her shoes with a jellyroll sparkle pen.

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