Sunday, March 29, 2009


In all the different houses we have lived in, this picture has been hanging on my wall since about 1990. It is a crayon/watercolor by a very special little girl. It usually hangs in my crafting room but now is in our bedroom. Here is the artist... the littlest one. The taller beauty created the little artist.
And this is them today. Well, 35 days ago. I'm sure I have posted about the wedding before, but just was feeling retrospective today. My beautiful granddaughter Elizabeth was married to the love of her life, David. Yes, another generation of 'David's'. It's a good name, you know! And so I've heard, another good man also. The other additions to the family since the original photo are Joshua, the tall handsome one on the right, Allison, the little beauty in red, and Melody the little angel on the right.


Carla said...

Shew! Seeing Beth then and now is quite an eye opener! And the memories tied with that picture - being stranded in LaWisWis and begging the caretakers to pick up ice for us. Ha! What memories! Thanks for them :)

Sue McGettigan said...

What a beautiful wedding - lovely family, kudos to you Mimi!