Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Front cover

This is the front cover to a mini album that I saw at the scrap store. It is only four pages, all of chipboard. I cut it with the zutter cutter. Petunia update: We actually have plants! I can't believe how long it took them to get going, but now seem to be expanding daily. My little experimental pods are struggling. Most of the asters are sprouted, but very slow. The scabiosa sprouted early and then it was like they had too much fertilizer or something and shot way up until the root was growing on top of the soil, then they died. There are a couple still growing though. You can definately see the advantage of using the regular aerogarden pods. I just have to weigh now whether it is more important to have 100% success, or save some $'s and have 40% success rate.

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