Saturday, March 14, 2009

Laser Level

I wanted to share a very helpful "find" with my paper crafting friends. I found this at a Liquidation store but I'm sure they can be found in any hardware store. At first when I brought it home I didn't think it was going to work because I turned it on and shot it towards the wall and it was a verticle line, coming from the round space on the end. I was really bummed and it sat for a few months in a drawer. But then I brought it out one day to help me hang a picture and I told my dh why I bought it and how dissappointed I was in it. He quietly sat it down on a flat surface and the laser comes out between the little "v" on the bottom when it is on a flat surface. I was thrilled! Gee I guess we keep these guys around for something, hey?!

I have had a terrible time getting things straight on my cards, or maybe I'm just anal about it, I don't know. But anyway, if you lay your card or layout on the grid on your cutting mat evenly along the lines and the little "v" on another line where you want to lay your embellishment, mat etc., and shine the laser across the line to the other side, you will get a perfect line to lay you piece on. I hope this helps someone else and if it does, let me know.

For my other passion, gardening; our weather was beautiful the last three days and I've been outside working. I got the blower out, or actually I should say that Dave got it out, started it and put it on my back before he went out to do his water line duties. Did all the roads in the community where the fir and cedar trees have been shedding. We had the roads done professionally after the fall leaves so this is just what has accumulated since then. The next day I went out to the sidewalk in front of the community and blew the leaves off the sidewalk and left them for the city to pick up...haha. Then we went to the local nursery to check out what kind of mulch I am going to order for Spring Clean up day (we provide the mulch for all the residents). I was so bummed because I just opened an account with these people and they don't have anything except bark and topsoil, no compost! Argh! But they did have perennials on sale! So I spent yesterday planting 16 new perennials in the long area at the entrance. Three different colors of lupine, 3 of columbine, some dianthysis, vinca blue, ajuga (i'll probably be sorry for that one, but I needed ground cover), and some others. Today we are getting a nice rain so they will be good and watered in. Now I want to spend some time this rainy weekend doing some card making!

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liannallama said...

ha! That's a super idea--thanks! I use a triangle or T-square sometimes but it's hard not getting the tool to move while I'm taping.