Saturday, March 28, 2009


I love Saturdays! Didn't get up until 8am, then had a nice visit from our friends Marjie and Steve, then off to Snohomish to finish clearing out the storage there. It is done! We stopped in Lake Stevens at Conto's and had our favorite ham sub with honey mustard dressing. I started that when I was on one of my diets and I switched the mayo for honey mustard dressing and it is sooooo good. They always know when we are there by what we order. Nobody else does that.

The time has flown by today though. When we got home I did these two little cards, inspired by Paper Crafts May/June issue. I cut the little pieces while watching tv last night. I had gotten kind of in a rut with my cards all being standard size, and these are the same size, so they will fit in the same envies but just cut long ways. I like it and think I'll do a few more with different designs.
Dave had a major milestone yesterday with the water problems here. After tens of thousands of dollars and 9 months of work he found a major fracture in the main line. The discovery didn't come without much consternation yesterday of capping off the pipe and that causing another rupture. If his last capping hadn't worked, we would have been dead in the water (no pun intended) until Monday with three homes without water. We prayed a lot and it held. Monday he gets to do the actual bypass and then there is just one more small leak up-line. Had we really known about this water situation we would have reconsidered coming here. But life is an adventure... or venture, and we sure did venture out on this one.

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