Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Technique

I didn't know which version, the scanned or photographer version would show the details better, so I posted both. I did this one for the "Take it off" challenge on 2Peas. They said you could use ink or paint so I used what I had available, which was an acrylic type paint that you mix with reinkers to get different shades to use and also gives more texture to your inks. I experimented with several things before coming up with this. I put a glob of the paint on the paper and added one drop of yellow and mixed it up a bit, then did the same with blue. Then mix them together by hand. Then I took a large daisy stamp (you want something without a lot of detail) and stamped it into the wet paint.

I stamped the paint off in between on another sheet of card stock and after they were dry I cut them out and will use them on another card. The paint (called Create-A-Shade) leaves it with a real glossy. textury look and I love it. I think that you are actually suppose to use a brayer on the paint before stamping but I thought that would mix the colors more than I wanted. I will definately be using this technique again, I really like it. I kind of hated to cover it up with anything, but then it wouldn't be much of a card...haha


Far North said...

I just had to say I love this card again! Terrific work!...Jan

liannallama said...

oh, I love the look of this! The texture is fabulous!