Friday, March 13, 2009

Economic Stimulus?

Oh Mr. Obama! I'm so in awe of your economic plan for the U.S. While you are putting all these billions and trillions of dollars into economic stimulus packages for the execs so they can fly around in their jets, you are also thinking of the little people and giving us a stimulus package so that we will go out and spend lots of money to support these tycoons. But wait a minute... what is our plan? We get a tax relief package in our paychecks. I think I'll go out and buy a new car with my stimulus package. Let's see, do you think that $21.46 will be a good down payment? But this isn't the end of it... We get to pay it back at the end of the year! His stimulus package for all Americans is that they take less taxes out of our paychecks today, but we have to pay it back on April 15th 2010. WHAT A DEAL!

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