Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sad Daffodils

My poor daffodils are hanging their heads this morning. It is raining now on top of the snow, but these tenacious little guys will recover once again. These are REALLY sad daffs. This is the side of the road that we can't see from our front window and the kids know it, so they enjoy stomping them....grrrrr.
This little helebores that Marjie gave me last summer is right at home in the snow. If we have heavy snow it gets weighed down, but pops right up when it melts.

Yesterday we were out for most of the day, but today I hope to get some paper crafting done. We went to Scrapbook Nook and I saw a cute mini album that I want to make for Relay for Life using my Zutter Cutter.

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