Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 Late Night Inspiration

Well, I didn't do a card all day yesterday.  I've been doing my card the day before I am going to post it so that if something happens and I don't have the time to do it, I still have one ready to go.  But so far, I've always done one a day anyway.  But yesterday I just didn't have the "umph" to go in the scrap room and make one.  But I did surf the web on and off through the day looking for inspiration.  Then I went to bed at my usual time, dozed off for about 20 seconds, then was wide awake thinking about the card that I didn't make.  I wanted to do somthing a little different from what I have been doing.  So I got up and started playing with the alcohol inks.  This is what I came up with.

It has terracotta, currant and sunshine yellow alcohol inks dripped on my glass mat with some blender fluid which I smooshed the clear embossed glossy card stock.  It took a lot of playing with the colors to come up with the desired shade.  I was going to put a word or phrase on it, but decided, like many of my other cards lately, to leave it blank.  I kind of like the way the color kind of pooled on the bottom to make it look like a little hill.  Stamps are T.H. Stampers Anonymous.

I am wondering though if making myself do one card a day is going to make it no more fun, but something that I "have" to do?  If it gets to that point I may stop doing this.  I don't want to make somethng that I have a passion for into something that I am dreading because I have to do it just to keep up.

Today we are going to be off to see Avatar.  I have heard that it's hard to get in, so we are starting at noon, and if we don't get in to that one, we'll try for the one o'clock showing, and if not that one, then the three or four.  I figure we will make it somehow that way.  And the mall, Sam's club and Walmart are right next door to entertain us in the meantime.  I'm sure they love it when the theaters have popular movies!

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Mare said...

Beautiful!!! Love the colors for the background and the resist is just perfect for this "theme" and "look"!!!