Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 Woo Hoo!

Only 354 more to go!  But then, if I make it to the year mark, why quit after that?  Well, we'll see how it all goes.  A few days ago I didn't think I'd make it to a week.

I think the way to keep it alive is to do different techniques and maybe use some stuff I haven't used in a while.  I bought my Pixie sewing machine some time ago, but have only used it a couple times.  I really like to add stitching to my work, but I broke my good Viking by using it on paper so much.  And you know, I consider myself a fairly well accomplished seamstress, but for some reason I haven't mastered this little machine enough to do a straight, straight stitch.  So I decided not to even try when I did the little squares.  But then I found out that I could do not so bad with the other stitch variation, so maybe there's hope for me.

Stamps are probably Inkadinkado, not sure.  Little square are mounted with  pop dots for dimension. I had fun doing this card.

Sunday was a much more "accomplished" day.  Church this morning, made taco salad for late lunch and to Small Group in the evening.  I don't feel quite so much like a loafer now.  Oops, I gave it away, I am posting this (very) early Monday morning, but it is still Day 11 isn't it?

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Sue McGettigan said...

So pretty! I love the stitching and the gentle blush colors :)