Friday, May 8, 2009

More Tulips

It still amazes me how I can take two bulk packages of tulips and end up with a clump of just one color. These are the last of my tulips to open and they were such a nice surprise for bulk bulbs. While we were sitting watching tv tonight some girl came running down the street and grabbed a handful of tulips, bulbs and all and ran off with them. I guess that's what you get for trying to beautify the neighborhood.

Today is day 3 on nutrisystems. The manager of customer service never did get through to me. I called her back four times and she was never at her desk. Just typical of their "wonderful" customer service. But the diet is going well despite them. I was actually full after dinner tonight too. The only problem is..... well.... how do I put this nicely? There's a blue cloud floating over our house. I got one dinner that was shrimp and since I don't eat that, I gave it to Dave and he had it tonight. He got the same problem just from eating one meal! Oh boy, are we in for it or what?

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