Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am taking a break from my fun stuff to vent. If you don't want to hear about my venting, then stop reading here.... it's not pleasant.

So, I decided it was time to get serious about loosing some weight. I get an email about a flex plan and decide to do that for $235 a month. I thought it was Jenny Craig, so I call them. Customer service: "We don't have anything called the flex plan". I say.. "yes, I got an email and it said it was $235 a month." Customer service, ahemmm... clearing her throat: "We don't have ANYTHING at THAT price. Our programs start at $550." Now I could be wrong on the exact amount, but I heard five hundred plus and kind of went catatonic at that point, in which I responded that I guess this just isn't the company for me. So, then I figure that it must have been Nutrisystem, so I go online and I find the flex plan. Viola! I try to order my food online and I accidentally hit the basic plan where you get what they send you. I get a letter saying thank you for your order, blah, blah, blah. So I call customer service and try and explain that what I wanted was to pick my own food. So the person says they are going to cancel my order and then I can go back in and re-order. Fine and dandy! I go back in, and guess what? No flex plan available! Where did it go? Hmmm.. It's a PC mystery. But I google flex plan and find it. I order, put my CC info in and it's done. But no confirmation email this time. So I send an email to customer service explaining the situation. That was on May 1st. Yesterday I get a phone call from a Nutrisystem rep. At first she says that she can't find any record of the order I made. But then she gives me this great deal if I go for the full plan and not the flex plan. Now, all of a sudden she can see the foods that I ordered, so she will just repeat that order and increase the amounts to make up the difference of the two different plans. So, okay, I get that. I'm happy, my food is on the way and I can get started on yet another weight loss journey. I get a quantum notice from UPS saying it's on the way. Good. Then.... today I get a response to my email of May 1st, that they were "unable to cancel my order" so they have tried to contact UPS to have them stop delivery. ARGGHHHH! So, I just emailed them back and said that I wasn't asking to have this order cancelled and that if they do manage to stop delivery that I better see a refund to my account immediately! Then to top all that off, while I'm writing this I get an auto response from my last email and it says "there is a normal 3 day lag in email responses, you may wish to call customer service between....." I know what it is! You loose weight because you spend so much time fighting with idiots!

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Sue McGettigan said...

LOL, I think you might be right on the true source of the weight loss!! Hope it all works out in the end :)