Sunday, May 3, 2009

More alcohol...

Inks that is.. fooled you! This is a tin that I bought at Target's $1 Spot the other day. It is done in the conventional way using AI, blender fluid and the dauber with felt attached. It's kind of cool. But Daria (djc from TwoPeas) was telling me how you can use it to "paint" on metal, glass, etc.
You use a waterbrush paint and fill it with AI Blending fluid. Using your glass mat, or you could use an acrylic block or piece of glass even... put a drop of alcohol ink on it and use the blender fluid to pick up the color and paint it on to your surface. The waterbrush can't be used for anything else, but I'm sure that I will be doing more of this.

I did a bunch of backgrounds today with the misters and reinkers and will post the finished cards when I get them done.


Sue McGettigan said...

Super cute!! Love those alcohol inks :)

Karen said...

These both came out really pretty! I have a TON of $ spot metal planters, buckets, and other trinkets...I really ought to give them and my AIs a playdate together! :>