Saturday, February 21, 2009

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

When you enter the show you smell these wonderful spring flowers and it just sets the tone for the day. The display gardens were beautiful as usual.

I loved this blue grass and just have to find it.

One of my favorites (and the booth that got a good percentage of our $'s), the succulents.

Here are the orange grasses that I would like to get.

We attended Cisco and Meegan's seminar and it was informative and entertaining as always. Both Cisco and Meegan are just as nice in person as they appear on tv. We've met some other local celebrities and they have left us with a bad taste in our mouths, you know? But not Cisco and Meegan. Cisco went out of his way many times to have his picture taken with some of his fans.

This is my booty for the day. Three pots of succulents and an airplant. I'm a sucker for those airplants but have never had a lot of luck with them, hope this one goes better. I'm going to plant the seedum in a circle and put the airplant in the middle. I also got one beautiful daylilly called Frosted Vintage Ruffles and two Oriental Lilies. One Tiger Woods (white/dark red rays and speckles), Star Gazer and an Asiatic hybrid Lily Landini which is a dark dark purple. (You can see the pictures of the lillies if you click on the picture below) Landini came from the "Chocolate" shop where I bought seeds of the Chocolate Flower, a yellow daisy with a strong chocolate smell; a black hollyhock and black nasturshums. Of course, black is actually a very dark purple.

It was a nice day away while Clyle was here painting our office stairs....haha.

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