Thursday, February 26, 2009

February out like a lion?

Or a cub anyway... This is certainly not what I expected to wake up to this morning. Though I shouldn't be surprised, the Northwest is notorious for February snowfall. One of our worst snowfalls on record was Valentines Day a few years ago. I remember it because I was suppose to drive to Tacoma for my neice's funeral and I absolutely panicked and stopped at the mall and got Dave to drive. Other than that, nothing much more to report. My petunia's are very.... I repeat..VERY slow growing. Now I know why I always bought plants for Plantation. At least here I only have to buy two flats for my little areas and not 120 like I did for Plantation, plus the alysum and snaps or whatever to complete the area. Do you think I over did it a little? Well, everybody liked it anyway.

I haven't done any card making this week, though I am anxious to get back to it. Clyle has been here and I always feel like I'm invading his space, even though he is very understanding about it. I did get my order of paper flowers from Oriental Trading. What a great deal! It was bulk pricing on all the little jars. I saved about $20 by buying all the colors. There are 60 monochromatic paper flowers in each one and some are polka dotted. Black flowers have been really hard to find (and expensive), so I was very happy to get them. The brown is actually more like a terra cotta color than brown, but the others are beautiful. the larger jar are printed flowers and have larger ones than the others. They are very pretty and when I get back to my room again I'll post some cards with them.
I've ordered a couple other times from Oriental Trading and some of their stuff is kind of cheesy, but they do have some cute stuff. I always wait until they have a special on shipping. I really hate paying shipping on anything, you know?

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Sue McGettigan said...

Brrr that photo looks chilly!! I forgot about Oriental Trading's crafting stuff, thanks for the reminder, those flowers look good!