Friday, February 13, 2009

New Aerogarden project

So, I was trying to decide what to post about today, aerogarden or cardmaking, so decided to do two posts. I finally got my aerogarden seed kit. It came by FedEx camel! I wanted to document planting day (yesterday actually). First of all I about fainted when I went to the store and found out I had to pay $2.57 for 15 petunia seeds! I guess you can see it's been a while since I tried to start them from seed. The directions tell you to put 4 small seeds to a pod but I did just two of the petunias. I planted 3 packages of petunia Restera (purple) Tidal Wave, One pack of Aster Oceanstar and one Scabiosa Summer Berry Mix. I've never done Scabiosa before but they looked so pretty on the package I thought I'd give them a try for my yard. The petunias if successful will be for the entry. After they have sprouted sufficiently I will transplanted them into small pots and hope that they get enough light until I can start moving them outside during the day.

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