Friday, February 13, 2009

Messy Scraproom

I saw a post on TwoPeas (a scrapbook site) about this woman's REALLY messy scraproom. After recovering from laughing myself sick I decided to document mine. The funny part is that many elitist scrapbookers post these pristine pictures of their "art studios" that would be published in any house beautiful magazine for scrappers. I did that once when we first moved in to the house in Marysville and I had my first real scraproom all to myself. It was lined with tables and iris carts and even had a couch on one side. It was so beautifully organized.... for about a month! Then I started working in it and it was never the same.

So, now I share a room with our on again off again resident grandson but obviously his stuff is not pictured here. I think that's called selective photography. So, this first picture is where most of the is done. That's why it's such a mess. The pegboard on the wall is great and holds the little tins that have all my ... well, not all, but the small tools I use most in them. The pegboard was requisitioned from an abandoned home. Next to that is a house shaped wall rack that I bought in a trip to Oregon one time and actually never hung it for about 5 years until I figured out that it holds my CTMH inks quite well. Next to that on the wall is a rack that I picked up at a garage sale a few years ago and also never used until I found out that it holds my Martha Stewart glitter really well.

On the table, besides the mess, a cute little drawer thingy picked up at a garage sale that holds more tools. Then I have the top part of the computer desk that we bought after moving here and I didn't like it because it set the monitor too high, but it works perfect for another surface to hold the tools that I am working with at the moment, plus my wonderful little Ot Light.

Underneath and to the left are carts with more embellishments and what'nots. One the wall is a rack that my Dad made me many many years ago, probably 40 years?? It has held many things over the years... thousand eye glassware, China cups, Cherish Teddies and other bears, but it works perfect for holding some of the boxed ribbons and paper flowers. The two filing cabinets below hold misc STUFF like more inks and stamping supplies and on top are more ribbons and tools. Iris rack holds precut card bases, envelopes and other necessities. On top of that is more ribbons. The two paper racks came from Craft Mart in Marysville throw aways. Well, I actually had to buy them, but they were used in the store. On top of them are jars with more ribbons. Can you tell I like ribbon?
This table holds my occasionally used tools like Cricut, Bind It All, Pixie sewing machine, heat tool, and Big Bite which I still haven't figured out how to use except for punching holes. The book case holds my completed albums and some magazines. The rolling file folders under the table hold my Christmas papers left over from last years cards and ready for next year. I used to use it for paper scraps that didn't fit in neatly in the paper racks, but found I was not using them and when we moved I .... gulp... gulp.... threw them away.

The walk in closet with my two life saving plastic racks holds other less used items, but more used than if they were hidden away in boxes. You noticed I used selective photography and did not show you the other half of the closet.

So that is a brief tour of my "art studio" as it is. It won't make House Beautiful magazine, but it sure suits the purpose for me. It's still a work in progress and Sam's Club has a nice little 4' table that raises high so you can stand and work on it that I've had my eye on for a few months now. Unless I can deflate Clyle's bed though, it's not going to work unless I get rid of the current 4 footer.

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