Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lazy Day

Not much happening today and not much ink on my fingers lately. Okay, so I'm in a little downswing creatively. Finished all my Relay cards and was shortly inspired by a Tim Holtz video, but even that doesn't seem to be sparking anymore.

These roses are so perfect I couldn't resist sharing them. I didn't grow them. They are in the yard of the home that we just sold and all I did was trim them this spring. I didn't know if they would even come back as I really don't know anything about raising roses, but I knew that they were terribly out of control. There were actually three bushes, a red, a white and this one. The only problem is I keep having to wash my desk as they keep dripping some kind of sap. Anybody ever had that problem with roses? If I have roses they are usually purchased from the florist and that doesn't happen very often... hint hint Dave.
Dave is off at his all day paintball D Day war in Granite Falls and I'm just chillin today. Tried to shampoo my carpet this morning and shampoo-er isn't sucking the water up so I will have one semi clean but very wet place for a while. Next thing on my wish list.. new shampoo-er.

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