Friday, June 5, 2009

Quickie Garden

I wanted a vegie garden this year and drew up plans for a redwood frame earlier this spring. But with everything that we have to do here, there just hasn't been enough time to get it made, no less chase down all the lumber and hardware. So I'd pretty much given up on the idea for this year. Until........ I found these great frames at Lowe's. They were only $40, and this is two. No hammering, the only hardware are the long nail-like stakes that go into the ground to hold it in place. I love it! I put it together in about 20 minutes, and that was including bringing the piece in that I put on upside down to have Dave rescue me and take it apart. It was so easy I didn't have to read the directions... okay, so if I had maybe I wouldn't have put the piece in wrong. But anyway, we went to Maple Valley today and got some really good composted soil for $12 half yard, picked up some chickie poo for $10, and a few plants for about $25, and voila! Insta-garden. This weekend I will dig out my drip-line with mini sprinklers and we'll be set. Besides the marigolds that face the road, there are two kinds of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, a red hubbard squash, 2 zuccini (I really only wanted one, and could only get a 6 pack, but managed to give away the rest) 2 acorn squash, a green pepper and a tomato. Oh yes, and a few onions planted willy nilly. They are suppose to be beneficial to tomatoes and peppers.

We really have no "secret place" here and are kind of in a fish bowl right at the entrance to the community, but hopefully I can go out there and not be too harrassed by the residents.

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