Sunday, June 7, 2009

Christmas in June

You've heard of Christmas in July? Well, I just got a jump on it is all. Since I have to do so many with no left overs this year, I thought I better get started. The snowmen here have Martha Stewarts glitter which you can't see. Martha's glitter is much better than the other glitters that I have.
The stamped ones were an after thought, as I think I am mainly going to do Cuddle bug embossed cards with cut out images. These trees are hand drawn and cut out. The red is just a background since the white doesn't show up well against white.

The trees on this one are the little cheap stamps from Walmart. I found out that you can lightly sand the cheap stamps to get a sharper image. I even have some expensive stamps that don't give sharp images that I am sanding now. I haven't had that problem with Close To My Heart stamps though.
This is just some of the cards I did today, I actually got 9 done. My room is a disaster now, and I really have to clean it up before starting again.
How do you like my new header picture? After playing with inks today, I looked at my hands and thought of my blog name, so snapped a pic for it.


Crafty Creations said...

These are coming out really great! I'm not sure if I could mentally work on xmas cards right now!

Sue McGettigan said...

Love the inky fingers banner, perfection! How wonderful that you got a head-start on holiday cards already, very inspiring!