Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deck Flowers

The lily in this picture is one that I bought at the NW Garden Show this year. It is "chocolate" but I think it's not a very good representation of that. The nasturshum in the same pot is also chocolate, but actually just red. I like red anyway, so not too dissapointed. The almost ready to pop green on the right and the tall thinner one on the other side are the ones I started from seed in my aerogarden.
We put up this baby gate between the office deck and our private deck to keep residents from knocking on our door... it didn't work. So the biggest planter here is on rollers so that I can get in and out, but hopefully discourage passage. It also didn't work with the worst "invader."

Fuschia from small starts this year. Last year we bought three huge plants, so guess I can be more proud because we "grew" these from babies.

The read leaf begonia below is from last year. I brought it in during the winter and it survived and is flourishing.

Right side of the office door. The petunia's from the aerogarden did very well.

Lef side of office door. I have to keep pulling these back because they are taking over. Not that I mind!


Crafty Creations said...

Your flowers look great! Mine look terrible since we've had 17 days of rain w/ limited sun! BUT...right now.....the sun is out! Yipeeee!

Devon said...

Wow! What a gardener you are! I have to get out there and pay attention to my plants...