Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Job Switch

Today didn't start out real good. I got terrible stressed trying to deal with the realtor on the sale of the house, the fax machine wasn't working right and of course rents were coming in. As soon as I got the realtor taken care of, I proposed a switch with Dave. He wanted to work on getting the "good" fax machine working anyway, so I went outside to mow and he stayed in the office. Sometimes I think we have our jobs backwards anyway because I love being outside and don't mind the physical labor. But of course, there are limitations. I got the front of the community mowed plus our yard mowed and trimmed. I have to keep moving these pots of petunias back so that people can get to the door. My veggie garden is doing very well and I had some lettuce from it today in my dinner.
These are some hostas that Marjie from Auburn Park gave me a couple weeks ago and they are doing very well.

So, the switch saved my sanity today and gave Dave a rest from working outside so it was a win-win situation. Maybe again tomorrow?

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