Friday, July 10, 2009


My vegetable garden is coming right along. We have lots of lettuce, healthy brocolli and some nice little squash starting. I should be begging people to take my zuccini's any time now. I'm anxious to see the red hubbard. My tomato on the hand is not well. It has a virus and I fear it is a fatal one. It killed the pepper plant, since they are the same family the virus struck both.

My flowers are doing fabulous. You have to walk very gingerly on the deck as not to step on petunias that are really taking over.
This is one of the asters I started in the aerogarden. And here we have the "chocolate" nasturshums I bought the seeds of at NW Flower and GArden show. Hardly chocolate, bu I like red anyway.

I'm very happy with all of my endeavors this year. Even the entrance and the new flower bed on the side of the yard. Especially considering what I have had to work with here as far as the soil. I bought topsoil earlier this spring from a well known nursery/topsoil provider in Kent and was very very dissappointed with it. It gets wet and turns to rock, I swear. When we got the soil for the vegetable garden we went to Cedar Grove and it is very nice composted soil. I will go there next year for all of it.
I have been playing with the inks and some more Tim Holtz stuff lately and will post later. I love everything that he does and to Dave's woe's , and working on getting the whole collection.

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