Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing with alcohol inks

They are so fun to work with. You never know just what kind of background you are going to end up with. I do need to buy more colors though. Trying to find the bet way to show these cards, so these are photographed and the others are scanned. I couldn't get up close because it is glossy cardstock and reflected the flash. This one I did before I had the metallic ink, and I also did it a little differently by putting the blender fluid on the glossy cs and then dropping the inks into it.
These two are done in the conventional way with the applicator and metallic inks. I also tried using different matts and card bases to try and give a different affect.

I can't tell you how many I have done and really liked the background but when I stamped them, the stamp didn't come out good, so had to toss it. I was going to do some tonight with heat embossing white, but I really do like the black archival ink on these backgrounds.

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Crafty Creations by Cindy and Maria said...

These backgrounds are really nice. This is a technique I haven't tried yet. Guess I'll have to put it on my list of Things to Try!