Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flowers, flowers, flowers... you gotta love em!

I couldn't resist today, had to get some pictures. This is a perenial salvia. I've had the blue ones before but they are only annual. They are actually about a foot tall already. Vinca blue was from the sale at Carpinito's.
This helaborus was one that Marjie gave me last year and it's been doing really well. I've read that they actually are through with by spring, but mine seem to keep blooming and looking beautiful well into summer.

This is a helaborus that I bought last year at the NW Flower and Garden show in Seattle.

The sedum Autumn Joy is one that Marjie gave me last year. I brought it in during late summer and quite a bit of it broke off, so I have it planted all around. I love these beautiful succulants. This one will get about 3 feet tall.

Another sedum from Marjie. This one is a ground cover type... low growing.

I can't wait for everything to get big. This area at the entrance has never had anything in it except trees. I hope they can all survive the lousy soil until I get it built up.

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Crafty Creations by Cindy and Maria said...

Wow, these are great!! Good luck w/ your beautiful flower garden!