Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What gets me out of the house at 9:30 PM?

I must be a changed woman.  I rarely ever go out at night and NEVER by myself.  At least not in the last few years anyway.  I was actually headed out much earlier, but then someone came with an emergency to the offfice.  What would be so important to get me out at that time of night?  The threat of an expired Rewards coupon from Walgreens and another from Albertsons.  Now, just let me tell you, this is not a nice town to be out in by yourself after dark.  Just this week someone was shot and killed behind TOPS grocery store, which is right next to Walgreens.  But you know... a buck is a buck!  And this was worth 6 bucks!  LOL  okay, I'm a little over the edge, but what can I say?  I bought a few sale items, ended up saving $26.39 on two purchases totalling $21.31, and got an additional $6.25 for my next purchases. What did I get for my money?  Here it is:

5 cans of White solid albacore Tuna
Crest Toothpaste,
Dove Shampoo
Gallon on Milk
Golden Graham Cereal
2 half gallons Tropicana Orange Juice
Half gallon Breyers Ice Cream
2 Pounds Seedless Grapes

 Now if Walgreens would just start selling stamps, it would be heaven!

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