Monday, March 1, 2010


I have always followed the sales at Grocery stores and used coupons when it was handy, but when we were visiting Christy she showed me how you could get your groceries for practically nothing.  Last week I did really good at Wahlgreens but didn't post exactly what it was, so this week I will.  It will take a while before my groceries bargains really start adding up like this because I don't have a lot of the ads (coupons) needed to make them super deals yet.  Christy can go to the grocery store and get over $100 worth of groceries for $10 or less, don't know if I will ever get there, but I'm striving towards it anyway. 

So this is my Wahlgreens deal for this week.  I could have done better, but just learning and made a couple buys this week that we one sale, but not double coupon deals.  I spent $10.04 and saved a total of $31.25.

The soap was free because it was buy get one free and I had a manufactures coupon for buy one get one free.  The Klenex were buy one get one and I had a coupone for .50 off.  Not a big savings, but it made the cost .85 each.  You can't buy even the cheap stuff for that.  Altoids, no coupon just on sale for .59.  Don't think I did the Starbucks stuff just right, but hey, it's good and it was pretty cheap.  Olives were double coupons and Dave loves the green ones and rarely get them.

Anyway, some mistakes, but i'm learning and will save even more in the future.

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Tracy said...

Nice. I would love to get my groceries for like 10.00 instead of 100.00
But I have never seen a store offering double coupon days.