Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Work In Progress

We got the first layer of mulch on the entire entrance today. I had figured 2" deep and there are two areas 75' x 10' and then added another 4 yards for my project in the yard. But as you can see there is still a huge pile left. There are still a few areas that are not done and I was probably a little skimpy to begin with, so will go back and add more tomorrow.
Front with edging. I don't really like this kind of edging, but it was free since I scrounged it from a recently vacated lot. But now I want to have it all edged. We worked on the mulch all afternoon.

In the morning before the mulch arrived and yesterday, I worked on my project. I'm taking out all the grass on this side of the house and putting in flower beds with a path through the middle. Dave is not real happy about this because he thinks that I am going to take up the room for his Christmas displays. I think they can sit on the path just fine.

It kind of looks like I will be spending my weekend out here though, or I will never get it done.

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