Monday, September 7, 2009

Stamping weekend

Here's a few more ATC's from my own little stampfest weekend. This one is alcohol ink background. The tutorials will tell you to use the blender tool with felt and put a few drops of AI and a drop or two of blender fluid. I did that a few times but I don't like the results as much. I put a few drops of blender fluid right on the glossy cardstock, then put ink in it and either use canned air to blow it, as in this one or just roll it around quickly before it dries. Actually this one has both methods. Rolling for the yellows and blowing with the juniper. I sponged the grundgboard element with orange and it looks like cork in real life. The background for this one is distressing ink lightly stamped, not smeared like I normally do. I'm actually using some of my old supplies and stamps with these atc's.

Background sponged distress ink with a portion of a Club Scrap stamp. The grungeboard hinge was inked with a brown ink and it looks like leather IRL.

Another AI background with the rolling technique. The tree is Michael's $1.49 acrylic stamps.

AI with heat embossed bird and grungeboard element.

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