Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Flower Bed

I had planned to fill this whole area with flower bed with a brick trail down the middle, but guess what? The rest comes next spring. Still have some planting to do and it looks like everything is scrunched up on the end, because that was the part I did last fall and has a chance to grow.
But I'm pretty happy with it. Went to Carpinito's and Home Depot today and got some bulbs for spring. Most of what I bought will go in the entrance, but going to put a few in here too. I got some pretty dark purple tulips and a whitish tulip with pink edge that will be going in here for sure! Tomorrow they will all get planted. Then we will be going over to Auburn Park to get some more perennials to put in here.

And the most amazing thing.... for the first time in 35 years, Dave helped me with it. Now is that amazing or what?! The most I ever got out of him for gardening was the year that I re landscaped the front of Plantation Park and he manned the tiller. So yeah, I'm a happy gardener today.

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loveallcrafts said...

love your new flower bed so pretty