Saturday, August 2, 2008

Northwest Trek

We finally got away this weekend and went to Northwest Trek. We've been wanting to go there for the last few years but it was too far away. Now we're less than an hour's drive away. We went there one time when Carla and Skip were little and I don't think that Christy was even born. Needless to say it has changed drastically since then.

The tram ride tour was good and there was only one animal that we did not see, and that was the moose. But we had a very close encounter once at the Olympic game farm, so wasn't too worried about not experiencing it again. Dave got what we thought were going to be some real good pictures of the mountain lion, but weren't as good when we saw them up close. This one was pretty good though.
The Bison were breathtaking as usual. I never realized that the layer of hair on the front of the male is for their protection as they fight other Bison.

This mountain goat was quite photogenic.

It was rutting season and this male was keeping his female from rejoining the heard. The males have the pointy horns for fighting and the females have curved one so that they can nudge their young along with hurting them.

Even though this guy was pretty sleepy, he is by far my all time favorite, the black bear.
Clyle also really enjoyed the day and we are enjoying having him around and going places with us.


InkyFingers said...

Okay, I meant without hurting them!

Carla said...

Oh yes! Northwest Trek. I remember looking at the elk for long periods of time, and thinking about how my dad would go out and hunt them - I saw beauty, he saw steaks :). I suppose most men are like that.