Thursday, July 17, 2008

One more time...

Just one of the sites that I think I've seen just one too many times, and I'm afraid it's not going to be just one more time, but a few yet. But actually, I never tire of seeing the mountain in the background. It makes me realize that there really are some perks to living down here, and that is getting to see this mountain every day. Well, okay, I can't see it from our house, but if I just go out to 15th street it jumps right out at me.
We made a trip today to do some of the jobs there that have to be done, do some packing and make a visit to my physical therapist. Actually I got a a lot of packing done. But there is still a lot more to do. I just hope I get it all done before the new manager is hired. We will go back Saturday for the annual Plantation Picnic, my last! Hopefully I'll get some time to do some more packing too and some cleaning. I'm sure that when that is all done I will enjoy the trips much more.

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