Friday, July 11, 2008

Two weeks in

Two weeks in to the management of the new park, oh my gosh. Didn't think I was going to make it til Dave got through working at the county. The drive home tonight seemed to go so quickly when I didn't have to be doing the driving. In the last two weeks I've driven 710 miles. I'm sure that's more than I've done in the last year! Let's see, how far could I get going east 710 miles?

I have made a few paper work errors but most people have forgiven me. Made at least one enemy and got a threat of severe physical harm. But he wasn't too smart and left it on my answering machine.... duh! So, it was eventful with visions of many more exciting times ahead! Cable and TV are hooked up, so there's noise in the house now, and I'm not in the dark technologically. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be spent mowing and sprucing up around Plantation, and Sunday we will get the moving truck. I don't think I'm ready, but hey, life's an adventure.... isn't it? It may take me all next week just to clean up the rubble. For tonight.... I'm just sitting here and enjoying a rare time of "nothingness" relaxing in my chair. As I say that I feel guilty about not being up packing. Clyle is out mowing the yard. Can't let him do any of the other mowing around the park with the new management company, but he would like to.

Dave found out today how horrible the new lawnmower is. I did some mowing yesterday and told him about it, and he was like... "yeah, right", until he got behind it! The bars are backwards from the John Deere (walk behind) at Plantation. The self propelled bar and the one you have to hold down to just keep it running are reversed, but that's not the worse part. You know the knob that has the turtle and the rabbit? Well, this rabbit is on steroids! You pull the switch up to the turtle and by the time you get down to the end of the row you're on a dead race with the Road Runner ! Just yesterday when I was mowing at Plantation I was grumbling to myself because I couldn't get the John Deere to go any faster so I could get done sooner. I won't complain again, but then again, I won't have much of a chance to complain when they get a new manager. I'm sure Dave is going to be tinkerin' around with it until he gets it running (or walking) right.

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