Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's official!

We are now the managers of Auburn Hills! You remember the theme song from an old sitcom, I think it was the Jefferson's... maybe not, but it says "Movin on UP!" That's what we are doing! After 3+ years at Plantation with it's 44 sites we are moving to a larger park in Auburn with 99 sites (Here I've been telling everybody it had 100 sites, and I find out today it's 99). Just two days officially while we start wrapping things up at Plantation. It's another terrific learning and growing opportunity. Dave will also be full time, so it will be so great to have him by my side full time now sharing the responsibilities.
This is the front of our house/office. It's nice because the first thing they come to is the office door and not the residence door, so we won't get so many knocks on the door at odd hours. The house is VERY nice. Two BR with walk in closets (I've been so closet deprived with one closet being taken up with my scappin' stuff). When we moved to Plantation I had to give away a ton of clothes because there just was not enough room for them all. Dave's clothes actually took up tons more space than mine! The master bath has a walk in shower and a GARDEN TUB WITH JETS! Oh Yeah!! that's going to feel really good after being out pulling weeds all day.
So, I've started telling a few of the residents at Plantation that we are leaving. It will take some time before we are actually gone. I figure that it's going to be two weeks before we physically move. Then we will be coming at least two days a week between Dave and I to mow and clean the septic. When the new manager is hired I will come back and help to train them. Of course, Dave has to teach the male counterpart the septic system.... I don't do septics! It will be fun.

One of the residents I told this morning that we were leaving brought me these roses the evening when I got home. I thought that was very sweet, her roses are her pride and joy.

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