Thursday, August 21, 2008

Geology Lesson

Dave and Clyle have been digging out in the park trying to find the water lines and Clyle has found some really outstanding stuff.

Not long ago a friend of mine said that she was sure that rocks grow, because she can work in her flower bed and get rid of all the big rocks and then a while later she has big rocks in her garden again. It's just one of those crazy things that you think about and wonder..."hmm." I think this example disproves her theory. It is a rock in formation. You can tell that it is sandy dirt, but yet the center is hard as a rock. The outer area is still pretty flaky, but it's fascinating.
This was actually the first thing that he found while digging. It is a fossilized sea shell. It apparently filled with sand inside the shell, then the sand formed the rock but left pieces of the shell still attached.
This is the bottom side and you can see the shape of the shell where the white is.
This was today's find. It is petrified wood.
Oh yes, and this is the young geologist that made the discoveries. Can't wait to see what he finds tomorrow! Sorry the picture is blurry.

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