Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My New Playground

These pictures never go in the order that I intend them to. This is the ice plant from Marjie, and I can't wait until it lines the streets.

I brought quite a few plants from Snohomish, but with this large of any area, I had to call in the troops. Actually, Marjie and Steve at Auburn Park, our sister park on the other side of Auburn, has THE most beautiful garden ever, and has offered me starts, and a lot of this is from her. She has all kinds of sedum! and lots of other fun stuff too.

There are 150 daffy's and tulips planted in the bricked area.

Yesterday I did the brick work. Part of it by the sign was there, except one row was buried. So I dug those out, moved the top layer to the other side and bought a few more bricks to add to it. I also trimmed back alot of the trees there.

The little spikey plants are Yucca plants from Marjie. I wanted to save the sedum for my yard, but I think they will look real pretty around the bricks.

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