Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sebastian Inlet

We made a little jaunt down the coast to Sebastian Inlet.  That is where you see the little red box down at the bottom.  The pink area towards the top is where we were staying in Cocoa Beach.

This is the first resident that greeted us, a Snowy Egret
I couldn't resist getting a few (this is just one of many) pictures of the waves crashing in to the rocks under the jetty.

The sunset as we were leaving was pretty cool too.

Just a few random pics of some beautiful girls

Waiting for the launch at 4am


Tracy said...

That sunset is beautiful.

Looks like a fun vacation

Tami B. said...

Ahhh, looks like heaven. Great time to run away, too. Enjoy.

liannallama said...

wonderful pics--looks like you had a great time!