Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cirque Sublime Adomo

They wouldn't let us take pictures, so had to find some on the net.  We had totally awesome seats, second row right in front of the stage.  The aerial's were great.
This guy, I called him Adonas (phew!!) did a fantastic act with a stainless steel frame where he did tricks on it and then picked it up and spun it around and even spunt it on his head.  Then he and this other guy did a routine that was fantastic.  It was exactly as pictured here (this was just one), he was holding the guy wth one hand.
Most of the women, except for one dancer, were very athletic, I mean some of them had muscles like a man... not this man above, but pretty hefty.  The music was fantastic, I would love to have the sound track.  There was another woman that I called the human gyroscope that did a routine with a stainless large hoop.  It was beyond words.  It was a hard audience, but she got the best applause of them all. No pics of her though.

It was well worth the money spent for the better seats, I couldn't be happier with it.  Oh yeah, and Adonas was gorgeous, did I say that before? 

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Sue McGettigan said...

Wow!! I love cirque du soleil, glad you got good seats :)