Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35

I know that I am going to loose track of which day it is since it changed months cause I can't just look at the day of the month and tell.  Thank goodness for editing.

I may not be posting a card every day now because we are leaving early tomorrow for Florida.  I have three extras and we will be spending the firt few days  at Cocoa Beach with no card making supplies!  Just don't know how I'll handle that.  I can't even make a card today because I packed my stuff.  My carry on is my cuttlebug, sponges stamps and few other supplies.  My inks are in a checked bag, didn't want to take the chance of them telling me I can't take them on the plane.  Wish I could stamp on the plane, or during the 3 hour layover in Chicago.

So, here's my last card for today.  Did this one last night.  Saw the sketch idea on a Unity blogger's site, I think it was Angela's.

Stamps are CTMH, ink distressed edges of paper. 

See you all on the other side of the nation!  Or maybe I will post from Chicago during the layover.  Won't have a whole lot else to do.  Hope that Dave and I are not symptamatic by tomorrow with these awful colds we have.  Planning on getting all drugged up so nobody will know :). 

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