Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who finds inspiration in their bathroom?

I figured out why I have this obsession with browns and blacks now in my cards.  I redecorated my guest bathroom, which just happens to be the closest to my stamp room.  I go in there to wash stamps etc when I'm working.  The walls were torquoise when we moved here.  Clyle was living with us and I didn't think that he would much like the the chiffon shower curtain, so I bought a teal and brown striped curtain.  Then I couldn't stand all that torquose, so I painted the walls brown.  That was ok for a while, but after Clyle moved out I decided to go back to my old chiffon curtain with the pale beige leaf pattern.  It was ok with the torquoise towels, but just didn't really do anything for me.  So I decided to go with blacks and browns, and I really like it now.  I hung the black and white floral picture back and added a few more little accessories and I really love it now.

So, I go back into the stamp room this morning and start making cards, and guess what I end up with?  You guessed it!

Am I sick or what?  Well, if I'm sick, I'll die happy.

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Sue McGettigan said...

art imitates life, right?