Saturday, November 21, 2009

Variation of Joy Fold card

I gave the first card that I made from this pattern away, so I wanted to do another before I forgot how to do it.  Then I decorated the little flap and put the ribbon on, and it would have been covered by the front.  So I cut the fron piece down, and I kind of like it.  Then I made a little boo boo where the outer button is, so I had to move the original place intended for the closure up to the top.  I just love how there is no such things as a real "mistake" in the craft.  You just do something else not originally intended with it.

I still kind of think that I'd like to do somthing else on the inside of this card.  But afraid it would just be too "busy.  The tutorial for the original can be found at splitcoast stampers.

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