Sunday, January 25, 2009


Having made over 120 Christmas cards this year and many others throughout the year, people ask me how I come up with all the ideas. Well, I'm not the "artist" that some might think. I am an avid card magazine collector. When I run out of ideas in this pea brain I start devouring some of my collection. That's what I did last night. I rarely copy a design totally, but use the basic idea and go from there. I love this one, but actually I am more of a monochromatic person myself. I wouldn't naturally have thought of using the red polka dot with tourquoise, burgandy and green. It's pretty here, but it's really not "me." But I loved the idea and used it for inspiration. The card is from the Cards Magazine April 2008. I have a difficult time with masculine designs. I love ribbon and flowers and flourishes, but sometimes I have to get more grounded and do something for a guy. It's like going outside of my comfort zone. I do like the other one with the frame covering the edge of the blue paper, though I did this purposely.
Both of thsese cards are made with some chipboard doodads that I bought at the dollar store some time ago. They were very bold colors and didn't really match any papers I have. The one on the guys card was a travel theme in browns. I sanded it down to obscure the pattern and added a little ink. The frame on the girly card was very bright pink so I sanded it a little more than the other, stamped it with a small flourish and inked it. The one on the bottom was the same and was actually stamped with the same brown ink but it scanned green for some reason. I like the second one better, what do you think?


Christiana said...

i just love your cards ;)
they are so peaceful and absolutely beautiful.
keep doing them, because you have a gift ;)

InkyFingers said...

Thank you Christiana.