Monday, January 12, 2009


Have you ever seen an info-mercial about the aerogarden and wondered if it could possibly be as good as they say? Well, here's my blog-omercial. Last year we found two aerogardens at a garage sale, brand new still sealed in the box. They sell on the aerogarden website for I think $169, and now I've seen them at Costco and Sams Club for $129. Great price! We bargained with the seller at the garage sale and paid $100 for the two. What a deal. My first plantings were salad greens and herbs. The salad greens did great and we got a few salads out of it, but I don't think I'll do them again. The herbs did fantastic and I started learning how fun and tasty it is to cook with fresh herbs. I ended up transplanted some of the herbs and giving them to Alexis, I don't know how they are doing now. But we were getting ready to move and I didn't really want to move it with all the water and everything. I was going to send for some herb packets when I found two of them at Liquidation World in Renton (no they don't have any more). I planted these the day after Christmas. I thought it would be fun to blog the progress of them, so this is the beginning at day 18. In the back left to right is Parsley (the slowest to sprout), Mint, Purple Basil (yummy in roast chicken), Dill. Front left to right prolific Italian Basil, chives and Cilantro. I wasn't going to plant the cilantro because neither Dave or I care much for it, but didn't want to leave it empty.
This is the cherry tomatoes that I planted when we moved here in July. I really thought they would be done by now, but they just keep on going.

This one got so tall that it doesn't get any light from the aerogarden anymore, so we propped it up in the window. We do open the shade, it was dark when I took this picture.

I keep cutting off the dead stuff and it just keeps blooming and producing. Guess I won't be doing petunia's this year, unless I sacrifice the tomatoes..

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