Friday, September 10, 2010

Page 8 and 9

I like the way this one turned out, except one little thing.  I colored the button die cuts and I think they look too bright for the rest of it.  .  I think I may go back and try and mute them a bit.  Also, it scanned a funny color.  It is actually a light tan color, not the yellowish that it shows here.
I wanted to have lots of elements to it and for it to look extremely girly.  It was going to be just one page, like the last page or something, but then the stamp gave me the idea for the second page.  The first page took me over two hours to complete.  I think it will show case a couple pictures nicely.

1 comment:

Daria said...

I'm visualizing these side by side the way they will be in the album. I like the way "Miracle and Wonder" start on one page and end on the facing page. Love all the buttons and flowers.