Monday, May 3, 2010


So, I am sitting here with 10 cards in front of me that I have created over the last couple months, but not photographed or scanned.  I have a nice scanner/printer sitting beside me to do the task.  So now, just so that this post doesn't look totally naked I will stop and scan one.

The pattern paper is a small pack I bought on sale at Impress Stamps.  The check is the back side of the floral.  Stamp is Studio G from Michaels, flowers were also on sale at Impress.  I like the sringy'ness of it.  Design inspired by May/June Paper Crafts Magazine.   

Life has just been crazy around here.  With spring and all the landscape projects with multiple flats of annuals and cutting away the old spent tulips and daffs, with the purchase and moving and setting in of a new home for the community,  other legal actions within, the every day management "stuff" I hardly have time to sit down and stamp.  Then with Dave being sick all last week that threw an extra wrinkle in the plans.  So, I will post my cards when I can and really appreciate those of you that keep coming back and checking my blog, to find the same old page still sitting here.  So I will try and heat it up a little bit here now.

Now, Card a Day for 2010 has turned in to a Card when I Can in 2010, but I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth yet.

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