Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So, what did I say about projects?

Not like we haven't been standing on our heads busy lately, but the wind had to whip in last night and take out these two trees onto the road.

And in the process:

That tree embarked on a new endeavor, branched out and decided to Un-linked the chained fence! Wind....it can be dis-Gusting!  This will be the third repair on the piece of fence in the last year.  The first was just wear and tear over the years,.  Had it repaired and a few months later one of our lovely residents had a few too many, and took the corner at about 60 mph, so had it repaired once again.... at his expense that time.  Now this. 

1 comment:

Sue McGettigan said...

Wow - that's very dramatic! LOL at your fence and wind puns :)